Syntix Online

Server Updates v2.01

Our scheduled server maintenance has finished now and we have added some updates as follows:

*Update your launcher*
-Added Job titles(Expert Hunter, Expert Trader, Expert Thief) For top 3 jobbers, Yes! Job titles! All what you have to do is to go hard on jobbing to get the titles, what are you waiting for?!
-Divided zerk scrolls from Roc to 6 scrolls, each will give you 50 silks.
-Added Fortress War Administrator title.
-Now you will get rewarded with full Demon Shaitan dress as soon as you finish Shaitan Slayer quest.
-Event So-Ok Capture the flag event now activated. Schedule is every one hour and every two hours in night time.(New players can get a lot of experience in Event So-Ok)
-Moved Syntix Avatars Shop to Samarkand next to the storage.

Please, if you have any suggestions or complaints reach us to our Facebook page.

Kind Regards,
SyntixSRO Team

Server Updates v2.00

Traders, your hard work pay off double now!

As jobbing is that main concept of SRO, it is the no.1 activity we promote on our server. In order to do this and make it worthwhile for the players we decided to make jobbing the main source of income for gold.

Also the server grows, we saw fit to increase trading job profit to match the demands of the new market that now includes SUN items. Now your turn has come to earn, gain power and wealth in Syntix Online!

Moreover, [GM]Events will be spawning our uniquely customized unique's every 4 hours in Donwhang city with valuable rewards. (e.g., Silk, Gold, Silver, Iron and Copper coins)

What can you do with these rewards? You can actually sell coins to the NPC with a value of 1 Billion for Gold, 500 Millions for silver, 250 Millions for Copper and 125 Millions for Iron coins.

Enjoy your stay in Syntix Online!

Kind Regards,
SyntixSRO Team

Server Updates v1.99

Hello Syntixers. We are so proud of the amount of players we have reached so far and we can't wait for our players to try this update. Today we are presenting the most interesting trading experience in the whole silkroad world.

Second things, according to your demands and to ensure a better, challenging and competitive game-play we gladly introduce to you the weapon you love, the glow you wish to have on your weapon, the power you demand, we are introducing our Seal of Sun not an ordinary one but totally modified and customized to fit in our amazing cap 100 server.

Third things, we made some modifications that will make you endlessly fall in love with Syntix. We have decided to reduce the amount of guild members to 32 and union members to 2 guilds per union.

Aside to that, we have closed Hotan fortress war so we can create more challenges and interesting battles for YOU. Mean what? That means, who has the power to control the only left fortress (Jangan) will have the power to rule Syntix Mysterious Road and gain health and glory.

Not gonna talk to much about the fascinating update we've done but will let you try it yourself!

Summary for the update:

-Guild Limit is now 32 Members.
-Union Limit is now 2 Guilds per union.
-Medusa appears every 8 hours.
-Added Syntix Weapons Shop.
-Removed Christmas decoration.
-Removed Snowy ground and winter update hello Spring!
-Syntix Event has finished.

On going developments: Automatic Events with great rewards we are so excited for it! wait for further announcement.

What are you waiting for? Make your own destiny in Syntix Online.

More Information about the Update:

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Server Updates.


We're glad to announce that our grand opening date is set to:


Download&Register links will be available a few days before the grand opening.

You are one click away from adventure and nostalgia, one click away from adventure and glory and one click away from Syntix' awesome community.
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Welcome to Syntix Online!

We've been in this society for a very long time, ups and downs occurred all over the silkroad era. Obstacles were blocking us so many times, we fought, we stood together hand in hand to offer you unparalleled silkroad experience. In the past 3 years many private servers came forth with fascinating features and amazingly edited welcoming threads, and the story keeps on going until the sad part takes over, the server is doomed and turned to ash. We have been studying each and every server that failed in the past few years and asked ourselves: why did this server fail? what were their flaws? how can they fix it? And fortunately we found answers to all that. We studied, we worked hard, we felt, we went up again and from the ashes of all the server that once failed I proudly introduce to you guys Syntix Online!